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LEGAL NOTICE Sale of Real Estate Lawrence County Foreclosure Auction. Case# 20OC000072. U.S. Bank National Association vs King,III Albert Donald , et al. .The description of the property to be sold is as follows: Property Address: 504 South 7th Street, Ironton, Lawrence, Ohio, 45638; Legal Description: Full Legal Listed on Public Website; Parcel Number:34-034-1300.000 Bidding will be available only on www.Auction.com opening on 12/14/2021 at 10:00 AM for a minimum of 7 days. Property may be sold on a provisional sale date should the third party purchaser fail to provide their deposit within the allotted time. Provisional Sale date: 12/28/2021 at 10:00 AM. Sales subject to cancellation. The deposit required is $5000.00 to be paid by wire transfer within 2 hours of the sale ending. No cash is permitted. Purchaser shall be responsible for those costs, allowances, and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover. To view all sale details and terms for this property visit www.Auction.com and enter the Search Code 20OC000072 into the search bar.

Ironton Tribune:
Nov. 17, 24 and Dec. 1, 2021